An Evening with Paul Anka

Friday, November 17, 2017, 7:30p.m.

VENUE: Reynolds Hall

“One of the great songwriters in pop-music history.” – Vanity Fair

Back at The Smith Center by high demand, Paul Anka has been celebrated worldwide as a true entertainment legend. The only artist with a song in the Billboard Top 100 throughout seven consecutive decades, the singer/songwriter boasts a lengthy roster of timeless hits such as “My Way,” and “Puppy Love,” and has appeared in films and TV shows including “The Longest Day.” Don’t miss this chance to experience a musical icon performing his many classic melodies.

Born July 30, 1941, in Ottawa, Canada, into a close-knit family, Paul Anka didn’t waste time getting his life in music started. From an early age he sang in a choir, studied piano and honed his writing skills with journalism courses, even working as a cub reporter at the Ottawa Citizen. By 13, he had his own vocal group, the Bobbysoxers.  Blinded by determination, he would steal his mother’s car and drive to perform at every amateur night he could. Soon after, he won a trip to New York by winning a Campbell’s soup contest that required him to spend three months collecting soup can labels. It was there that his dream to make it as a singer composer was solidified. There was not a doubt in his young tenacious mind.

In 1956, he convinced his parents to let him travel to Los Angeles, where a meeting with Modern Records led to the release of Anka’s first single, “Blau-Wile Deverest Fontaine.” Although it was not a hit, Anka kept plugging away.  He went so far as to sneak into Fats Domino’s dressing room in Ottawa to meet him and his manager. When Anka returned to New York in 1957, he scored a meeting with Don Costa, the A&R representative for ABC-Paramount Records, playing him a batch of songs that included “Diana”. Costa was duly enthusiastic about the potential of the young singer and songwriter. The rapid and enormous success of “Diana”, his first number one hit, made him a star at the young age of 15.

Soon Paul found himself traveling by bus with the ‘Cavalcade of Stars’ with the top names of the day. Anka was the youngest entertainer to ever perform at the Copa Cabana. He honed his craft surrounded by the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Frankie Lyman, and Chuck Berry.

After a few hit songs, Anka confident in his talent as a writer wisely knew that being a songwriter meant the power was in the pen. As a result, he went on to write for Buddy Holly and Connie Francis.  Other hit songs include the Academy Award-nominated theme for the 1962 film in which he starred, The Longest Day.  He notably penned the longest running theme in television history for The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Songwriting and performing “are what gave me the confidence to keep going,” he says. Becoming a mascot and a junior associate of Sinatra and the Rat Pack also had its privileges. By the ‘70s, the success of “My Way” and a string of hits like “(You’re) Having My Baby” confirmed his status as an icon of popular music.

His later achievements as a recording artist included “Hold Me ‘Til the Morning Comes,” a hit duet with Peter Cetera in 1983, the Spanish-language album Amigos in 1996, and Body of Work, a 1998 duets album that featured Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Tom Jones and daughter Anthea Anka. If this wasn’t enough, it was revealed upon its release in 2009, that Anka co-wrote Michael Jackson’s posthumous #1 worldwide hit, “This Is It,” which has further cemented his place upon the most prolific and versatile songwriters of any generation.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Anka’s last two albums – Rock Swings and Classic Songs, My Way – ingeniously featured songs originally created by some of the biggest rock performers of the day. Anka, of course, did the songs ‘his way.’ Rock Swings went Top 10 in the UK, and was certified gold in the UK, France, and Canada, hit No. 2 on Billboard’s Top Jazz Albums chart and went on to sell half a million units worldwide.

On November 15, 2011, Anka released his first Christmas album in decades. Songs of December featured lush romantic versions of popular Christmas songs such as “Let It Snow”, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.  All were recorded with a full orchestra in the renowned Capitol studios and sung by a music legend.  It is a true holiday classic.

In April 2013, Anka released his New York Times Bestselling autobiography, published by St. Martin’s Press, entitled My Way.  This autobiography is a remarkable story of a decades-long career as an entertainer, actor, and songwriter.  During the same time, his new 14-song album entitled Duets was released by Sony Music Entertainment and featured artists such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Celine Dion, and Michael Bublé (who Anka was with from the start of his career as well as co-producer on his self-titled album in 2003). Duets provides a musical journey through the life and times of Paul Anka and will include heartfelt liner notes written by Anka himself as an introduction to the classic songs he and his collaborators have chosen. Duets set a milestone in Billboard Chart history because with the CD, Anka became the only artist to have a CD on the Billboard Top 100 Chart for seven consecutive decades.

In 2014, Anka saw the release of a song he co-wrote with Michael Jackson entitled “Love Never Felt So Good” off of Jackson’s album Xscape.  As lead song off of Jackson’s CD and its first single, it has received massive radio, sales, and critical success and has already reached #1 in over 50 countries!

“Paul Anka is the quintessential performer-entertainer,
a master of presentation.”
Joe Delaney, The Las Vegas Sun, USA

“One of the most entertaining evenings of the year.”
Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, UK

“(His) ability to seize and hold a stage only seems to deepen with
the passage of time…it was evident that Anka was playing the
room as a virtuoso plays a fiddle and relishing every minute of it.”
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, USA

“Anka rocked the stadium, devoured the stage, and redefined
what it means to give the audience its money’s worth.”
Ben Shalev, Haaretz, Israel

“He is a polished performer, confident but not brash. There is
charm and a voice that easily handles sentimental and
swing songs. Mr. Anka could give lessons on showmanship.”
Milton Esterow, The New York Times, USA

“Anka is still a powerful performer who does what he does with
consummate skill.”
Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times, USA

“Look in the dictionary under crowd pleaser and there’s bound to
be a very tanned, tiny picture of Paul Anka staring back at you.”
Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun, Canada

“The vibrant and sexy voice stays strong…Anka, a graduate of the
school of vocally perfected performers, does justice to any
type of song he sings with great dignity. One is taken by the vocal and performance expertise… An hour and a half of pure
entertainment at its best, quite overwhelming.”
Yomiyuri Newspaper, Japan

“Paul Anka, charming always…a pioneer”
Stephane Davet, Le Monde, France





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