Full of excitement, song and dance, Broadway plays are known worldwide as being an exciting form of entertainment for all ages.
Take in a fresh perspective on the most enduring musical form. These artists endeavor to create a new generation of Classical fans and fascinate existing enthusiasts.
Offering a wide variety of performances from different genres ranging from Jazz and R&B to Pop and Rock, these lyrical artists offer something to suit every listening pleasure.
Dancers embody rhythmic intuition, rare physical makeup, and an extraordinary spirit of discipline. Watch closely as they bring it all together during carefully restrained choreography of ballet, unbridled expression of modern dance, and all stops in between.
Family friendly performances that are sure to please and appropriate for all age groups.
Some performances simply defy traditional categories. There’s a little comedy, some skilled athletic display – but all theatrical and all incredible talent.
Jazz at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Las Vegas At its core, jazz is a collaborative, unselfish art form with musicians doing what they can to highlight band mates’ talents. Just try to listen without tapping your feet.
The Speaker Series features great speakers from all disciplines sharing their thoughts in discussions and lectures at The Smith Center. Get a peek inside the world’s best minds from science, religion, entertainment and more.