Events By Genre

See the greatest Broadway shows in Las Vegas as our stage comes alive with music, dance, and entertainment for all ages.
From traditional performances to modern interpretations, Classical shows at the Smith Center are excellent for both casual fans and classical enthusiasts.
Contemporary performances at The Smith Center cover a wide variety of styles, from Jazz and R&B to Pop, Rock, and more.
Whether it’s ballet, tap, or modern, a ticket to a Dance show at The Smith Center is a ticket to experience some of the most graceful, disciplined, and talented dancers in the world, right here in Las Vegas.
The Smith Center is proud to host a wide array of family friendly shows enjoyable for children and adults alike. Share the experience of the performing arts with your family.
This is fusion theatre, performances that defy classification. Comedy, spoken word, dance, or maybe all of the above. The Special Attractions at The Smith Center are exactly that … a ticket to something special.
Jazz at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Las Vegas The Smith Center is one of the premier Jazz venues in Las Vegas. With a variety of ever-changing styles, Jazz is a living art form, a collaborative musical exploration whose eclectic sounds are right at home in Downtown Las Vegas.
The Speaker Series features great speakers from all disciplines sharing their thoughts in discussions and lectures at The Smith Center. Get a peek inside the world’s best minds from science, religion, entertainment and more.