How To Find The Perfect Seat For The Beautiful Broadway Season And More!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

This season, The Smith Center brings the Broadway Las Vegas® Series to Las Vegas subscribers with a bundle of benefits. One of those benefits is helping patrons find the perfect seat for this season…and future seasons!

Every individual has his or her own favorite seat, one that is preferred for a variety of reasons -- near the exit for beating the crowds to valet or on the floor level so no stair climbing is required.

Here are the two steps to the perfect seat for any Broadway Las Vegas® Series fan: First, become a Broadway subscriber and select your seat for the season. Second, renew your subscription and get the opportunity to improve your seats for the next season. It’s movin’ on up by movin’ on down, from the Gallery to the Dress Circle, or the midsection to an aisle seat.

Now, hold on to your seats for a bonus! When you renew your subscription, you also get guaranteed ticket access for next season’s highly anticipated production of Hamilton (the toughest seats to acquire on Broadway), a play that has garnered 16 Tony Award® nominations, including “Best Musical.”

Here’s why you need to act now: We are limiting the number of Broadway season tickets……only 300 remain for the 2016/2017 season! Seize the moment and seize your seat…and the opportunity for additional benefits that include flexibility in purchasing ticket packages and pre-show chats with production principals.

Whether it’s George Jefferson “movin’ on up” or King Richard proclaiming “My kingdom for a seat!”, the message is the same: There are choice seats for the best of Broadway for next season by subscribing for the best of Broadway this season!

And when you subscribe, you are the one sitting in the catbird seat!






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