Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

By the end of January, those New Year’s Resolutions may feel stale. With holiday indulgences long forgotten, whatever plans to lose weight or finally write that memoir may seem hopeless. But that’s why January 31’st “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day” is so perfectly timed. The holiday swoops in to lift you up, helping to put aside those punishing resolutions and instead embrace the pure joy of human expression in all its forms. With The Smith Center, there are many ways to celebrate!

Plan to see a classic tale of reinvention. Watch the timeless story of the ultimate makeover with Nevada Ballet Theatre’s production of Cinderella. While the fairy tale reminds us that dreams do come true, the dancers’ grace and athleticism will serve as inspiration. Cinderella runs Feb. 13-14 in Reynolds Hall. To purchase tickets, click here or call 702.749.2000.

Explore The Smith Center’s Educational Offerings. Nothing is more life-affirming than watching the growth of the next generation. In fact, President Myron Martin has always said that one of his favorite sights is when a line of school buses is pulled up to The Smith Center for the student matinee performances. So, if you’re need of a little psychic boost, read up on The Smith Center’s Education and Outreach Programs. From the “Early Learning through the Arts” program to “Camp Broadway” and more, The Smith Center is committed to continue the power of art through the generations.

Admire the Art. With the focus on the amazing shows and performances, you might not have noticed The Smith Center’s quieter attractions. On your next visit, arrive a little early and give yourself some time to absorb the gorgeous art. Or for an even more in-depth experience, schedule a free guided tour of The Smith Center.  From Tim Bavington’s majestic sculpture “Pipe Dream” to Jennifer Main’s exquisite “To Wish Upon a Star,” the art will, as the holiday suggests, inspire your heart.






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