Nominations Closing Soon for Heart of Education Awards


Community Members Can Nominate Outstanding CCSD Teachers Through January 18

Southern Nevadans have limited time left to nominate outstanding teachers for The Smith Center’s fourth-annual Heart of Education Awards, honoring Clark County School District (CCSD) teachers who go above and beyond for their students.

Several hundred inspiring finalists will be honored at a red-carpet event at The Smith Center this spring, which will include live entertainment, swag bags and a surprise keynote speaker.

The top 20 teachers will be named winners, with each receiving a $5,000 cash prize and a $1,000 donation to a school program of their choice.

Community members can nominate outstanding CCSD teachers at:

Sponsors like the Las Vegas Review-Journal help make this valuable awards program possible.

Enjoy The Smith Center’s interview below with Ed Cassidy, vice president of marketing with the Review-Journal, about the newspaper’s history in Las Vegas and why it supports the Heart of Education Awards.

  1. Can you discuss the Review-Journal’s long-running legacy in Las Vegas?

Cassidy: Dating back to our first printing in 1909 as the Clark County Review, and our evolution into the Las Vegas Review in 1926 and Las Vegas Review-Journal in 1949, we have continued as Nevada’s most reliable news source for close to 110 years.

Since the acquisition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal by News + Media Capital Group, we have expanded our commitment to improving and enriching the life we enjoy here in Southern Nevada. From academics to the arts, vibrant business organizations to social concerns for those in need, the Review-Journal strives to be a pillar of support for all our neighborhoods.

  1. What are some of the biggest changes the Review-Journal has seen through the years?

Cassidy: As with every newspaper company, the Review-Journal has stood the test of declining readership. But as other news organizations trim back on expenses and quality journalism, the Review-Journal has invested in reporters, a dedicated Washington D.C. bureau, enhanced digital news platforms, expanded video coverage, and a variety of daily breaking news and newsletters covering sports, entertainment, business, politics and more. As the adage goes, “content is king.”

  1. Are there any new directions the Review-Journal has recently taken that you’d like to highlight?

Cassidy: The Review-Journal continues to evolve into a true 21st-century media company. Most recently we incorporated our Thursday View sections into dedicated geographic zones. And while growing our print and digital news and information products, we now offer Review-Journal e-news alerts, apps with round-the-clock news updates, the free weekly e-newsletters on multiple topics, and digital-only subscriptions.

We’ve also introduced a wealth of new video programming from our LVRJ Digital Video studios that not only enhances our news coverage, but also features original shows such as the sports-centric “Vegas Nation” and special event coverage.

  1. Can you discuss why the Review-Journal chose to serve as a sponsor of The Smith Center’s fourth-annual Heart of Education Awards?

Cassidy: We know all too well the challenges and struggles teachers face in Clark County – and throughout the country. There seems to be a tsunami of hand-wringing, head-shaking stories concerning teachers that appear at the start of each school year. But rarely are teachers’ accomplishments showcased and celebrated in overcoming these challenges.

As only The Smith Center can do, you extend your heart beyond the arts to our revered teachers with the Heart of Education Awards. Committing efforts and resources, your program and awards showcase what the Southern Nevada community needs to see, understand and appreciate – the astounding success stories, the victories in reaching and elevating students in their daily lives, and teachers’ contributions of time and assistance that extend far beyond the call of duties in the classroom.

The Review-Journal is privileged to sponsor The Heart of Education Awards.

  1. Why is it important to honor and promote high-quality teachers in Clark County School District?

Cassidy: I am an avid reader of Henry Brooks Adams, one of our country’s first great journalists and American historians. And I always recall an important quote by Mr. Adams: “Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.” I believe his quote is from 1850 or so, and is just as important, as relevant, as true today as it was back then, and will be 150 years from now.

The fact that hundreds and hundreds of Heart of Education Award nominations come from peers and colleagues of teachers, from administrators and parents, community leaders and residents, from students themselves, underscores how very special, important and necessary this program is to our community.


Click here to nominate an outstanding CCSD teacher today for the Heart of Education Awards.






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