How Paul Beard Landed HAMILTON For The Smith Center

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Monday, July 4, 2016.

Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit musical biography about the first United States Secretary of the Treasury that won 11 Tonys (including “Best Musical”), is booked for the 2017/2018 Broadway Las Vegas® Series at The Smith Center. This didn’t happen by accident.

All these Broadway bookings at The Smith Center are the result of a particular philosophy plus hard work. Myron G. Martin, president and CEO of The Smith Center, sets the bar at providing top quality Broadway shows, but “we don’t charge more for tickets than we need to,” says Paul Beard, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. It is Beard’s responsibility to book the Broadway series, and he combines savvy, patience and transparency in making it happen.

“We work very closely with all the theatrical booking agents all the time. It’s a constant daily communication that we have to stay current on all the prospects that are out there for several seasons looking forward,” notes Beard. “Those relationships with the booking agents are a byproduct of the success we’ve had in presenting touring Broadway shows in Las Vegas since we opened four years ago. We came out of the box with a strong season in 2012.” That season included Color Purple, Mary Poppins, Million Dollar Quartet and Memphis.

Beard patiently waited for the stars to line up, knowing the touring prerogatives were in the hands of the Hamilton producers. “We have a strong relationship with the agent that’s handling Hamilton and expressed a desire to get a multi-week run and we were slotted in, scheduled for 2017-2018.”

The success in booking Hamilton does not rely on secret handshakes or coded messages. “What you might not realize is the incredible transparency within our business… everybody knows everything. We all pool our knowledge and our perspective and work essentially for our mutual benefit. Booking agents, managers, press agents all know everything.”

The reputation and success of The Smith Center helps assure producers and booking agents that any show booked here will be successfully supported technically and from a marketing standpoint. While promotions for Hamilton have not been worked out yet, it’s clear that this critically acclaimed and popular Broadway show – so popular it’s very difficult to obtain tickets -- will be in high demand in Las Vegas.

The key to a successful booking, along with The Smith Center’s reputation, is a combination of demand, pricing and respect for the audience. The intent for any production at The Smith Center, including Hamilton, is to design the prices to keep the show as accessible as possible for patrons.

The Smith Center gives its regards to Broadway, but it also gives its regards to its patrons. That’s the secret of Paul Beard’s success.






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