Give Us Some Mo’: Molodi Teaches Kids Valuable Life Skills

One glance around the small gymnasium, and it’s obvious these third-graders assembled are fully engaged: heads bobbing to t

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Step by Step – Riverdance by the #s

The international Irish dance phenomenon is back by popular demand in

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Off The Pop Music Charts Day

Music provides the soundtracks to our lives. Songs can trigger memories of events, era-specific fashions or important dates,

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The Cat in the Hat Brings Feline Fun to the Family Series

Over the years, The Smith Center has proven to be family affair. From Zoppe

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No Place Like Home with Susan Anton

Although Susan Anton has been a Las Vegas resident for years, it’s

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Decorating the Sounds of the Season and Beyond

With the holidays here and seasonal décor everywhere, it’s appropriate to discuss the musical term “ornamentation” for

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15 Reasons To Spend New Year’s Eve At The Smith Center

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Smith Cen

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We Love Lucie

Being the daughter of a famous couple has its advantages. For

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Happy Violin Day—It’s Your Day to Play!

It’s time to limber up those fingers and rosin up that bow, because this Sunday, Dec. 13, is

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One Enchanted Evening: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Pinchas Zukerman

Nearly 70 years ago, the illustrious and influential English conductor

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