Prolific Smith Center Volunteer Steps Forward to Serve During the Pandemic

Steve Smith may not be logging in any hours as a volunteer usher at The Smith Center these days, but he is stepping up in oth

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Myths Vs. Truths with Theater Etiquette

As Southern Nevadans await the day they can return to The Smith Center, this offers an ideal time to brush up on theater e

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Theater Reads Tied to Smith Center Shows

Southern Nevadans will one day gather again at The Smith Center to enjoy music, theater and dance productions. In the mean

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Ticket Donations Help to Ensure the Show Will Go On

Beginning with appearing in an award-winning production of Man of La Mancha in Chicago in her 20s, Helen B. Arnold b

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Behind the Scenes: Managing Hundreds of Shows

When audiences return to The Smith Center, behind-the-scenes workers will find themselves busy as ever prepping for world-

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Share Your “Mug-Shot” to Celebrate Your Favorite Smith Center Memory

If you’re among those who have generously supported The Smith Center through a donation of $500 or more, then you are proba

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Behind the Scenes: Building New Worlds on Stage

When the curtain rises again at The Smith Center, numerous team members will work behind the scenes to make its music, the

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Little-Known Facts About Legendary Artists

Many Southern Nevadans await the day they can experience live performances again of whimsical ballets, powerful contempora

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How Favorite Myron’s Cabaret Jazz Artists Are Keeping Their Groove

While Vegas headliner Frankie Moreno remains homebound with the rest of Nevada during the pandemic, that won’t stop his

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Using the Arts to Support Online Learning at Home

When Nevada schools closed due to the pandemic, early childhood educator Elizabeth Steffen felt strongly about engaging an

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