Family Shows Bring Sea Creatures, Slime and SpongeBob to The Smith Center

Catherine McNamara observes two immediate reactions from children when they experience the gigantic, moving puppets in live t

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The Many Ways Kids Benefit from Live Theater

For Nicole Neal, taking her 6-year-old daughter to performances at The Smith Center serves as much more than just entertainme

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Legendary Percussionist Discusses Friendships with Tito Puente and Carlos Santana

Percussionist Icon Pete Escovedo to Perform Energizing Originals with Latin-Jazz Orchest

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How ‘Taj Express’ Brings Bollywood’s Explosive Dances to the Stage

‘Taj Express’ Delivers Indian Culture with High-Energy Dances and Stunning Costuming

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Vegas Kids Find Self-Confidence, Joy on Stage with Camp Broadway

Jaelina Richardson admits she initially felt some self doubt this year at Camp Broadway, The Smith Center’s eighth-annua

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Lifelong Arts Lover Wins Broadway Season Contest

Ever since Eliana Martinez first saw a Broadway production at The Smith Center, she says, she’s been “hooked.”

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Arts Lovers Unite with Fanfare! at The Smith Center

Fanfare! Offers Affinity Group for Those with a Passion for the Arts While

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Life Lessons From Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’

Double Dare Live! Brings Audience Members on Stage to Compete in Trivia, Stunts an

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How Youth and Young Adults Can Get Involved with The Smith Center

Ever since classical concerts first captivated James Wang as a child, he has sought ways to involve the arts in his life.

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A Day in the Life of an International Solo Violinist

Ever battle with insecurity, or worry about flubbing at work? Imagine living as a high-profile solo violinist like

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