Rolling Out The Reds (And Whites): New Wines in Cabaret Jazz

Today (February 18) is National Drink Wine Day

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Out of Bounds Scores Big-Time at The Smith Center

The applause subsides and voices silence as the lights momentarily go dark inside the

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Why You’re Already a Fan of Lisa Fischer (… Or Should Be)

You’ve seen her on tour with your favorite acts. The powerhouse vocalist has performed with some of the best musicia

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Lucy Woodward: The Can’t-Miss Chameleon Chanteuse

“London-born, Bronx-raised singer-songwriter,” reads Lucy Woodward

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Say Aloha to “Play Your Ukulele Day”

Las Vegas is fondly nicknamed the “Ninth Island” because it’s a favorite among Hawaiians. The food, culture and music o

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Top 5 Reasons To See A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder

#1 – It won universal raves from critics, including The New York Times, which called it “HILARIOUS A

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Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

By the end of January, those New Year’s Resolutions may feel stale. With holiday indulgences long forgotten, whatever plans

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Clint Holmes: Class Act

“At some point in my career, at some point in my awareness, my goal was to have a show that everyone could enjoy, but that

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Kristen Hertzenberg: Getting Up Close and Personal in Cabaret Jazz

As a regular at The Smith Center, Kristen Hertzenberg has pe

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The Emerald Experience: National Irish Coffee Day & Riverdance

Irish Coffee combines three of the most delicious substances — coffee, whisky and cream. It’s a wonderfully delightful co

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