Meet the Puppet Masters

Believe it or not, puppets were key in shooting 2016 film “The Jungle Book.” The animals in the film might be computer

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Molding Southern Nevada with Chocolate

The Smith Center has helped play a role in Southern Nevada’s development since we opened five years ago, and we’re happy

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Couples Who Found Love at The Smith Center

Passion and the arts have always gone hand in hand, leading many couples to do the same at The Smith Center. This Valentine

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Bollywood’s Dazzling Dance Forms

Walk any street in India, says Ankush Dhawan, and everyone you meet will have a direct connection to dance and music. “T

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Dinosaurs, Sharks and Jedis – The Cinematic Moments of John Williams

Donato Cabrera can easily name one of his favorite John Williams movie moments. It’s in “Saving Private Ryan,” when

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The True Story Behind Finding Neverland

People young and old recognize the tale of Peter Pan, but do they know the story of how this beloved character came to be? Hi

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Famously Fearless Ballerina Stages Swan Lake

One of the most renowned ballerinas in U.S. history, Cynthia Gregory earned worldwide acclaim for her fearless leading perfor

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Introducing the Beat of a Different Drummer

Friday, February 3, 2017. More than 1,450 local students experienced something they never had before at The Smith Center t

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Guest Blog: Stories from Nevada Public Radio

By Florence Rogers, President and CEO of Nevada Public Radio Don’t worry if a fan has cajoled you into attending Ira Gla

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Community Hero: Drummer Brings Rhythm to the Disabled, Kids & Seniors

Steven Clark has witnessed this among world-renowned musicians and 4-year-olds alike: Hitting a drum can change your life.

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