Beloved World Class Dance Theater Keeps It All in the Family

Artistry on a world-class level encompasses time, talent, discipline and hard work. But in the case of the

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Musical Notes Abound

The Smith Center is filled with many architectura

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TIZER: Melting Pot of Music Fusing Jazz with Joy

Fusion can be an overused word, but not when you combine (dare we say fuse) TIZER, 2011 "Jazz Group of the Year" nominee, wit

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Building 'Bridges' To the Arts: The Smith Center Joins Cleveland Clinic for Arts Engagement Program

For three consecutive Wednesdays in February, a collaboration between The Smith Center and

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Look at the Skylights!

When attending a performance in Reynolds Hall, a trip up the

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Picking Up STEAM: Musicians Mesh Art and Science for Students

It was the perfect collaboration. The Smith Center, the Discovery C

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Q&A with donors Rick and Lori Kavadas

You know that saying, “Do things with passion or not at all”? If you’ve ever met Rick and Lori Kavadas, then you’ve s

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From The Big Show to The Big Give

The gift of giving and the gift of community become one March 10th, when The Smith Center, always presenting the big show, jo

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Annual National Gathering Features Special Day For the Arts

What a difference a day makes (with a bow to Dinah Wash

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A Walk Among Flowers in Reynolds Hall

National Floral Design Day is observed an

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