Guest Blog: Discovering Passion Through Performing Arts and Television

By Cyndy Robbins, Director of Content at Vegas PBS I had a clear understanding of the joy that performing arts can bring i

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The Story Behind The Beach Boys: Up Close with Mike Love

Every year seems to hit another major anniversary for The Beach Boys, Mike Love s

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PBS Films National TV Special at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz

Mid-August saw an extraordinary night at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center. “You’re all going to be filmed fo

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How The Smith Center Is Custom-Built for Theater Magic

Moments of theater magic have left many audiences spellbound at Smith Center shows. Favorites include when the “Phantom

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From Stand-Up to Netflix, Lily Tomlin Helping Women in Comedy

Lily Tomlin can give an anecdote summing up the comedy industry for women when she started out. Her female costar in a cab

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Put Your Hamiltons to Good Use: Secure Your Seats To This Season’s Most Anticipated Show

Guaranteed to be one of the most coveted tickets of our Broadway Las Vegas Series®, “Hamilton: An American Musical,” run

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Showgirl Turned GLOW Wrestler

Those who work day to day with attorney Lauri Thompson might not believe she was once on television hurtling women over her h

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Creating “Something Rotten!” From Scratch

“Something Rotten!” the Tony nominated show touring the country this season, is an increasing rarity among Broadway music

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Seeking New Sounds To Say YES To

When former core members of mythic rock band YES reunited for a 2016 tour, it wasn’t exactly for the sake of their art, con

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Vegas’ Own School of Rock

Most weekdays around 2:30 p.m., students at Advanced Technologies Academy can be found fiercely focused on jamming. Some a

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