Talking Pawn Stars with Norm Clarke

Norm Clarke, who is set to obser

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What Does A Conductor Do, Anyway?

By Donato Cabrera, Music Director for the L

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Santa Fe to Cabaret

While any stage that fits 10 musicians is the perfect pulpit for

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Seasonal Songs and Holiday Humor to Warm Your Spirit

The Smith Center celebrates its fourth holiday season with its most stellar lineup of seasonal programming to date. The festi

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Tater Monday – Half Off the First Look at Broadway Production IDAHO! The Comedy Musical

This season, The Smith Center is excited to give our audiences a chance to see a brand new production before it goes to Broad

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The Art of Giving

‘Tis the season and this year The Smith Center will have you checking off the arts and culture lovers on your holiday list

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Talking Turkey – Theater Lingo

In the interest of helping friends of The Smith Center become more attuned to the language of the stage, “Theater Lingo”

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Home for the Holidays Humor

Steve Solomon is not alone. There are many interfaith marriages in

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And to all a good Girls Night

‘Twas the morning of the debut of

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The Hunger Games to Madam Secretary to Jersey Boys – The Talent is Huge New Year’s Eve

The Smith Center was always intended to be a home for the performing arts in Las Vegas, but it turned out to be a place where

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