Honoring Our Volunteers

As a large institution, The Smith Center has many people working “behind the scenes.” One essential group is our dedicate

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Donor Q&A: Jody Ghanem

Of The Smith Center’s valued donors, few have a

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Admiring a Team Member: Administrative Assistant Rebecca Boyd

This week marks Administrati

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In the LEED on Earth Day

With today’s celebration of Earth Day, many Southern Nevadans are focused on the environment. The Smith Center itself was p

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Viola! Learning About The Smith Center’s Melanie Jupp

Every year, The Smith Center brings the performing arts alive for tens of thousands of school children, and Melanie Jupp, ass

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Two Employees at The Smith Center Celebrated (In a Very Vegas Way!)

Thursday morning, May 7, held a big surprise for Patti Cameron and Jaime Llamas, two of The Smith Center’s

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Celebrating Armed Forces Day and The Smith Center’s Jonathan Wei

Today is Armed Forces Day, the annual commemoration of the fine America

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From Stage to Page: The Smith Center’s D-Script Audio Description Service

The essence of being a playwright is to put into words the things that must, by necessity, come to life on stage. Pam Noyes

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For Love of the Written Word, Celebrating Book Lovers Day

It should come as no surprise that we love a good story around here. Of course, these adventures usually are brought to life

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Leaving Their Mark

At just over three years old, The Smith Center has already welcomed some of the biggest names in the business. From the cast

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