Additional Programs

The Smith Center Education Department offers a variety of education and outreach programming on-site and in schools and community centers as they are available.


The Smith Center presents exceptional opportunities for students and teachers to participate in master classes, dress rehearsals and talkback opportunities with main stage and visiting teaching artists. Whether it’s ballet, acting, modern dance, jazz, or musical theater, the chance to engage with professional performers is a priceless lesson for any aspiring artist.


Many of our Teaching Artists work with teachers and students in classrooms and after-school settings as well as community centers. Artists offer engaging arts programs to enhance a school or organization’s goals for their students and participants.


Throughout the school year, a limited number of local, regional, and national performing artists visit schools to engage and inspire students of all ages through performances and lecture demonstrations. The goal of artists visiting schools is to share artistic experiences with as many students as possible.

STEAM Education Connections

With the generous support of SWITCH, The Smith Center education and outreach department is exploring a variety of K-12 STEAM education connections. Through classroom and community learning experiences for students and professional development for teachers, The Smith Center is committed to exploring authentic creative connections in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.


TimeSlips is an international network of artists and caregivers committed to bringing joy to late life. Through creative storytelling methods, individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative conditions engage in expressive, collaborative storytelling with specially trained teaching artists. In TimeSlips, all contributions to the story are accepted, and imagination is encouraged. This program is currently facilitated in a select number of medical and residential facilities, with support from Ameriprise Financial.