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One Earth Tour 2019: Evolution


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“If there is such a thing as perfection in music, KODO come as near to it as any group in the world.”

– Boston Globe

One of the best-known taiko drum ensembles in the world, Kodo returns to The Smith Center as audiences have never seen it before. Showcasing Japan’s leading male and female musicians performing traditional drums weighing up to 600 pounds, this athletic ensemble marks its 35th anniversary with brand-new production “Evolution,” a culmination of the group’s ever-evolving artistic voyage.

This production boldly displays Kodo’s best-known work alongside completely new repertoire. This includes large-scale works showcasing the full ensemble performing a variety of drums with impeccable precision, spanning the over-the-shoulder barrel drums, timpani and the massive o-daiko drums. The energizing show also highlights uplifting, intricate pieces featuring stunning taiko, dance, song and bamboo flute performances – even incorporating surprising visual effects. The result is a rousing, rhythmic whirlwind that carries the audience into a new dimension of taiko performance.

Approx. 90 minutes

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