Fri, September 28, 2018 at 7:30 PM | Reynolds Hall


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“We found an entire lost world; a window on a moment of major evolutionary change.” — Nizar Ibrahim

Dive into an amazing, true-life story of adventure and discovery that sounds straight out of a movie! Blending mystery, travel and eye-opening science, Nizar Ibrahim shares his incredible account of being one of the youngest paleontologists to ever lead an excavation into the treacherous Sahara desert. Facing untold perils in the process, Ibrahim discovered a vast, ancient world of long-lost dinosaur fossils, including predators the size of school busses! Among his greatest finds was the Spinosaurus, the largest predatory dinosaur yet discovered.

In this entertaining, multi-media show, Ibrahim will feature CGI imagery of what this ancient world of monstrous dinosaurs would have looked like. He will not only reveal the immense challenges he overcame in his Saharan adventures, but will also discuss his stunning discoveries that have significantly impacted science’s understanding of dinosaurs.

Curious minds of all ages will be captivated by Ibrahim’s descriptions of his fascinating field and his contagious obsession with solving the mysteries of this ancient world.

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The True Story of Hunting Dinosaurs in the Sahara

  World-Renowned Paleontologist Shares Epic Discoveries in National Geographic Live! Speaker Series When Nizar Ibrahim recalls the adventures of his budding career as a paleontologist, they sound straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. His mid-20s found Ibrahim as one of the youngest people to ever lead an excavation into the belly of the treacherous Sahara Desert, where he braved unpleasant