The Phantom Tollbooth (Sensory Friendly Performance)

Sat, April 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM

VENUE: Troesh Studio Theater

The Smith Center is thrilled to present a sensory friendly performance of The Phantom Tollbooth.  This performance is intended for individuals with sensory sensitivities and other intellectual or developmental disabilities. We welcome family and friends to experience the show together. Tickets for this sensory friendly performance are specially priced at $12.

Norton Juster’s fantastical book “The Phantom Tollbooth” comes to vivid life in this adaptation about a boy named Milo who “didn’t know what to do with himself — not just sometimes, but always.” One day a mysterious tollbooth appears in Milo’s room and, having nothing better to do, he drives his toy car through it and arrives in a peculiar new world. Using puppets, masks, magic, inventive scenic effects, and original music, Enchantment Theatre Company brings the wonder and adventure of this story alive. This tale tells us that with humor, good friends, and a little bit of courage, anything is possible. Best for kids 4-10.

The total time of the performance is 1 hour, which does not include an intermission.

At This Sensory-Friendly Performance, supportive adaptations will include:

  • Lower sound and light levels, strobe effects removed and fewer startling special effects.
  • House lights and stage lights will remain at a low level throughout the performance.
  • Audience members may stand and move throughout the theater as needed during the performance.
  • Audience members may vocalize or make noises throughout the performance.
  • Audience members may bring and use their electronic devices and extra support items during the performance.
  • We provide quiet areas and activities staffed by professionals and trained volunteers.

If a member of your group requires specific accommodations, please contact Patron Services at (702) 749-2000
TTY USERS Please call 800-326-6868 OR DIAL 711





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Special thanks to the TDF National Autism Friendly Performance Training Program for serving as an advisor:


This sensory friendly performance is made possible through a major gift from Windsong Trust with additional support from other generous donors.



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