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The Smith Center for the Performing Arts strives to make its events and performances accessible to all patrons in the community.  For additional information, if you have questions or need assistance, please contact us directly at 702-749-2000 (TTY USERS PLEASE CALL 800-326-6868 OR DIAL 711) or

Accessible seating is reserved for use by patrons with disabilities.

All of our performance spaces have wheelchair and mobility-assisted seating locations.  Patrons have the option to remain in their own wheelchair, or transfer to a fixed theater seat with a swing-out armrest.  Patrons who do not wish to transfer from their wheelchair to a theater seat should request wheelchair-accessible locations when ordering tickets.  Seats with removable armrests are available in various locations if you wish to transfer from a mobility device or wheelchair into a fixed theater seat.  Please also advise us if you are not able to ascend or descend stairs, suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights), or require any type of special seating accommodation for any reason.  The Staff at the Smith Center is trained to assist you to find seating that best meets your individual needs.  To order accessible seating, please call us at 702-749-2000 (TTY USERS PLEASE CALL 800-326-6868 OR DIAL 711) or email at

For the purposes of releasing Accessible Seating for general public sale, a performance or specific price category within a single performance will be considered SOLD OUT when a there is no available inventory except scattered singles. Available inventory is defined as seats that are available for general public purchase and not held for Smith Center or other contractual purposes.  Before releasing Accessible Seating for General Public sale, all seats being held, either in a hold code or a reserved unpaid order, will be analyzed.  If it is determined that there is a likelihood that a significant portion of these seats will be released for general sale, the corresponding Accessible seats will not be released to general sale until such time as the held seats have been released and/or sold.

Assisted drop-off service is available at all events.  Simply make your request known to the parking attendant upon arrival at the Smith Center, and you will be directed to the appropriate area.  Accessible parking is plentiful and clearly marked at the Smith Center facilities. Designated parking for vehicles bearing a valid DMV windshield placard or license plates are available in the surface parking lot to the East of Reynolds Hall.  Accessible ramping and curb cuts provide an accessible path from vehicle to theater seat.

All public restrooms at the Smith Center are wheelchair accessible.

The Smith Center is accessible by wheelchair in Reynolds Hall and throughout the Boman Pavilion.  Wheelchair assistance service is available curbside by request.  Curb cuts allow easy access to our sidewalk system, and parking area access ramps.  Main entrance doors have automated mechanical service.  Reynolds Hall and Boman Pavilion (Troesh Studio Theater and Cabaret Jazz) have elevators which service all levels of the facility.  It is strongly recommended that patrons who do not normally use a wheelchair bring a companion to assist them in maneuvering around the Smith Center public areas.

Assisted Listening Devices (Infrared ALD) are available at most performances.  The units are provided free of charge, upon request at the Patron Services Desk in the Grand Lobby of Reynolds Hall.  This service is also available at select performances in Troesh Studio Theater and Cabaret Jazz by request to a front of house representative.  Simply exchange your driver license (or State-issued ID) for the unit upon arrival, and return the unit after the performance to reclaim your ID.

I-caption is available at select performances.  I-Caption is a state of the art wireless visual aid that provides verbatim closed captions in real time for live theatrical performances. This fully automated system displays dialogue, lyrics, and sound effects on a handheld display, assisting the hearing impaired patron to better understand the plot of a theatrical production.  The Smith Center offers this service on selected performances.

D-Scriptive, an audio description service for the blind, offers a detailed account of all the onstage action including choreography, blocking, lighting, sets and costume changes.  The Smith Center offers this service on selected performances.

American Sign Language interpretation is scheduled for select Smith Center events throughout the year.  To receive sign language interpretation by request, please submit your query no less than 2 weeks in advance of the performance.  Requests for sign language interpreter should be sent to


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