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From statues to sculptures, the outdoor exhibits at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts provide an air of artistic elegance to our five-acre campus.


Pipe Dream
Artist – Tim Bavington

Featured at the east end of the two-acre Symphony Park, and serving as a frame to the outdoor stage, is a commissioned art piece by internationally recognized artist, Tim Bavington. Music is the genesis of Bavington’s paintings. Through synthetic polymer paint, Bavington acts as a translator between the aural and the visual as he transforms guitar solos, melodies and bass lines into vertical bands of color. “Fanfare for the Common Man,” a 20th-century American classical music work by American composer Aaron Copland, was selected by The Smith Center as the musical “muse” from which Bavington would pull his paintings. The composition was carefully selected by The Smith Center, as it resonates with its message to serve the common man, or in The Smith Center’s scenario, the community.

Each pipe represents a single note in Aaron Copland’s composition, “Fanfare for the Common Man”, 1942.  The colors are derived from a sign palette [1-Shot Enamel], 19 colors total.  The root note [B-flat] of the song is blue/green.  The third [D] is orange. The fifth [f] is magenta.  The last pole: The unpainted pole represents a musical rest at the end of the composition.  The Lights: The measure of time. Lights at every two feet represent a bar. 40 bars total.

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Fred W. and Mary B. Smith
Artist – William Behrends

A tribute to The Smith Center’s namesake, this bronze statue of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was created by none other than nationally-known and celebrated artist, William Behrends. A commissioned piece, this statue is featured at the west entrance of Reynolds Hall.

Donald W. Reynolds

Honoring the memory Donald W. Reynolds, for whom the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation is named, this commissioned bronze statue, also created by William Behrends, is situated on the south side of Symphony Park.  Through the gifts of the Foundation borne of his successes, his legacy continues in perpetuity through The Smith Center, where the resplendent Reynolds Hall at the heart of the building honors his memory and contribution with its name.

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Steps of Faith Heart Sculpture
Artist – Jennifer Main

Creative Artist Jennifer Main; Sculpture Artist Miguel Rodriguez

On display on the north side of Symphony Park and donated by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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PaleyArtist – Albert Paley

Placed at the west end of Symphony Park, Paley’s curled, pinched, steel ribbons by New York sculptor Albert Paley, the fluid contortions a contrast to the rigid lines of Bavington’s marching colored columns at the opposite end of Symphony Park.

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