Explore The Smith Center


Carillon Tower
At 17 stories tall, this incredible bell tower houses a four-octave carillon, comprised of 47 handcrafted cast bronze bells that weigh in at a total of 29,500 lbs. Throughout the day they ring in celebration of all that The Smith Center brings to our city.

Symphony Park
This two-acre park donated by the City of Las Vegas, is host to local artist Tim Bavington's "Fanfare for the Common Man." This public art installation is a colorful interpretation of the 1942 Copland song. The green space is used for outdoor performances, special events and festivals.

Iconic Design
Art deco elements inspired by Hoover Dam is front and center as designed by architect David M. Schwarz.

Boman Pavilion
Adjacent to Reynolds Hall, Boman Pavilion is home to two performance venues: Cabaret Jazz and the Troesh Studio Theater. The fourth floor of Boman is dedicated entirely to our education and outreach efforts and is known as the Elaine Wynn Studio for Arts Education.



Red Rock
Red Rock plays an influential role for the materials used in the Grand Lobby by mimicking color and age. Reynolds Hall is LEED certified Gold as many of the natural materials are sustainable.

Custom Art
The Smith Center is home to large-scale custom commissioned art. Artists include Tim Bavington, Miriam Shapiro and William Behrends.

Genius in Flight
In the Grand Lobby, Benjamin Victor's Genius In Flight is the focal point. This statue is based on the Winged Figures of the Republic at Hoover Dam.

There are two exclusive lounges on the upper levels of Reynolds Hall including The Founders Room. This area, dedicated to Don and Dee Snyder, showcases artwork by Ellsworth Kelley in a warm and inviting space furnished by natural hickory, oak and rosewood elements.



Reynolds Hall seats 2050 people and is much higher than it is wide. For more information on seating, please review our venue map and seating chart.

Light Fixture
Inspired by the fixture at the Metropolitan Opera, the light fixture in the Reynolds Hall ceiling has many functions. It marries design and function by avoiding sightline issues, enhancing acoustics and hiding catwalks and lighting equipment allowing for adjustments during performances unbeknownst to the audience.

The back of the house was given just as much attention to detail as the front. This creates a unique, and comfortable environment for the artists who bring their talents to The Smith Center. There have been over 400 performances a year since The Smith Center opened in March 2012, and every performer is invited to sign the Autograph Wall backstage at Reynolds Hall.

Orchestra Pit
The orchestra pit is raised and lowered by hydraulics and can accommodate as many as 100 musicians and can be configured in 4 positions.



Myron's Cabaret Jazz patrons have the option to enjoy light bites and beverages during the performance.

Rhythm Section
This intimate 250-seat club spotlights some of the world's most gifted jazz artists and cabaret entertainers. A little bit of Dizzy's, a little bit of Feinstein's and a lot of sophistication will make this the nightclub for grown-ups in Las Vegas, and a place where artists will want to perform. This two story venue has a view of downtown, and a mezzanine balcony for a truly unique view of the stage.

Live Music
This live music venue combines flavors of classic Vegas nightlife and elegant cabaret. Performances have included Clint Holmes, Branford Marsalis and SFJAZZ Collective.